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OST Backup to PST: Convert Offline Storage Table Files to Outlook PST

This blog is aimed at discussing various solutions to take OST backup to PST file. Let’s explore how to convert an OST file to PST format in just a few and easy steps.

Instant Solution: You can try SysTools OST Recovery tool to convert orphaned ost file to pst file format in just few easy steps.

User Queries

“I have configured my official Exchange account in Microsoft Outlook 2013. The file created for my account was an OST file. Now, I have started to work from home and I wish to access my official account’s data on my personal laptop. I am unable to access the data as OST file has now become orphan. Can someone suggest me the best way to convert OST to PST so that I can access it in Outlook 2010!”

“Can anyone give me some advice on how to backup/archive ex-employees’ mailboxes which are in an OST file? I am planning to create a profile and open their entire accounts and then converting them into a PST file where any project lead could be able to access them.

What is the best way using which I can easily take the OST backup to PST file format? I was also wondering if this conversion is the only best way. Is there any other easier way other than manually dragging and dropping the mailbox items? Please assist on the same.”


Users of Microsoft Exchange Server experience downtime situations frequently. As a result of this, the organizational processes are delayed which causes unfavorable situations to occur. As MS Exchange mailboxes data become inaccessible in these situations and admins are also helpless in this regard. The only choice that rests with the team is to solve such issue by moving the data from OST files to another format. One workaround for this scenario is that if the user converts/archives OST to PST file then situation can improve as after doing this process, the data becomes accessible and users can get back to their work easily.

Methods to Perform OST Backup to PST File

  • Archiving OST Data into Outlook’s PST: The method for backing up of Outlook’s OST files can be employed by users only if they wish backing up of email items like mail messages, calendar data, etc to files of PST format. This particular methodology provides the users with an option to select a no. of days after which they wish backing up of the email data. But, this method, in particular, accompanies certain drawbacks with it that this method won’t archive the contacts’ folders of Offline Storage Table files.
  • Moving of OST File Items to New PST: Users can even try to export data from Exchange OST to PST. For executing this transfer, users first require to create a PST file in MS Outlook program and then drag every OST file folder to this created PST file. But, this method’s drawbacks are too associated with it that it won’t be possible for the users to move OST file’s default folders.

Best Way to Convert OST to PST

SysTools OST Converter is a much better option if you are looking for taking OST backup to PST file. The above data archiving methods obviously do not guarantee safe backups and secure data downloads for OST files. So, if users adopt any good commercial solution which is smart enough to export Exchange Offline Storage Table file to Outlook PST. Then it would be a wise step on the part of the user for executing this OST file’s backup process. One of the best OST to PST conversion tool coming in the category of good commercial solutions for this purpose is SysTools OST Converter tool, which is an application that is totally standalone for performing the backup of OST file data efficiently. This software extracts OST file data in bulk as well to Outlook’s PST file format together at once. This product is a safe and secure solution for saving the OST file data files to PST. Major features of such types of tools are as follows:

  • Backs up even those OST files that were inaccessible to Outlook’s PST format
  • The tool also supports MS Exchange’s Mailbox backup to Outlook’s PST even for those files that had got corrupted somehow
  • The software will download OST file with all of its email properties
  • This application is also providing an option for splitting the PST file for splitting output PST
  • While the backup process is being performed by this tool, Metadata will be kept intact as it is

In a Nutshell

The above article shed light on the benefit of doing OST backup to PST. In case you are facing such a problematic situation where you are unable to extract mail items from Offline Storage Table file to PST then you can follow the approaches given in this article.

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This blog is aimed at discussing various solutions to take OST backup to PST file. Let’s explore how to convert an OST file to PST format in...


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