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Migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird Windows & MAC - Step by Step

“I have been using Mac Mail since 3 years. I never faced any issue earlier. But, from few days there is something fussy in the system and it is creating numerous problems in my files whenever I try to open it. Henceforth, it is getting difficult for me to work in the normal mode via Apple Mail. I want to swap my email client to some other platform that is simpler to use. It is the need of hour that I need to switch from Apple mail to Mozilla Thunderbird Application. Hence, is there any way out to migrate Apple mail to Thunderbird Windows without losing a single bit of data.”

There are two possible way out to resolve the issues. It depends on the user which approach does he opt for solving the problems. So, in the article we will be heading to the very first approach that is manual one and then we will proceed to an expert recommended solution. Let’s begin the process of migrate Apple mail to Thunderbird Windows.

So, the very first approach is getting the Location of MBOX files of Apple Mail.

  1. Open Finder and proceed towards Folder Option
  2. Then, type ~/Library/Mail/V2 for opening MBOX file of Mac Mail

Migrate Apple Mails to Thunderbird

Everyone is aware of the fact that Thunderbird is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac Operating Systems. Henceforth, shifting the mails from the platforms are necessary and based on this, the users will get alternatives to export files.

Step 1: For Mac Operating Systems

Import Apple Mail to Thunderbird MAC

For transferring the MBOX files for Mac Operating System via Manual Method, go through the steps jotted below:

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird for MAC on your system. Hit on box representing three-line box from right side of screen
  • Navigate to Tools>> Import Option from the menu displayed
  • Select the Mail Option from Current Wizard. Hit on Next button
  • From the screen displayed, select Apple Mail. For Continuing click on Next
  • You will come across Apple Mail Import name folder. The folder has complete data of mails

Step 2: For Windows Operating System

Migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird Windows

For importing Apple mail to Mozilla Thunderbird Windows email client sounds so exciting and easy. But, when it comes to performing it, the maximum users fail. So, in such terms, the best suited approach is trying an Automated Solution to perform the complete task. In such circumstances, users should continue reading to next section for resolving the problem.

Step 3: The Expert Opinion

In this section below, you will get to know how SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard is a face in the crowd. What benefits does it generate for the users? So, continue to the next paragraph:

SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard is the utility that import MBOX files to Thunderbird in bulk. It even facilitates users with an astonishing functionality that embeds MBOX files to Multiple Thunderbird Profiles. Additionally, the program is versatile enough, well equipped and robust with many attributes. The amazing function of program is that it is farthest away from all the restrictions like file size limitations. Hence, No file size limitations are imposed on the tool while migrating from Apple mail to Mozilla Thunderbird Windows. Therefore, the program shifts the data without taking any size limitations on it. The utility has potential that it gifts the users with dual conversion mode i.e., Select Files and Select folders. The software works in an astonishing manner and with brilliant interface. The one of most advance property of program is it can import both MBOX files along with attachments to Mozilla Thunderbird. Henceforth, the program can be treated as a helping hand if it comes to the process of transferring MBOX files.

Net Profit That the Tool Generates for the Users:

  • No limitations in terms of transferring files of any size
  • Option to filter emails on the basis of date
  • Export file emails along with the attachments
  • Transfer multiple MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird in batch
  • Retains the on-disk folder hierarchy of the files even after exporting

Availability of SysTools Thunderbird Import Tool

The program is available as both freeware and licensed one. Both the versions are available on the official website of the company. If facing any issue, users can even feel at ease while contacting to us. Our team of experts is available round the clock to assist the users. So, users can easily download the Thunderbird Import software. The tool is completely free from all the issues. In addition to it, the tool comes with complete guidance of installation and using with zero error. Its guarantees the complete export process can be done easily with no hassles.

The Final Words

Many users come across the query to figure out the solution to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird in both Mac and Windows Platform. Mozilla Thunderbird supports Mac and Windows Operating System Migration with an ease. But, it is really difficult for the users to export emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird for Windows Operating System. So, in such circumstances, the users should give the Expert Solution a try! SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard is a best solution to resolve the problem.

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“I have been using Mac Mail since 3 years. I never faced any issue earlier. But, from few days there is something fussy in the system and it...


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